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Conference programme

Download the programme of the conference here.


Manufacturing of products and goods has become the most important social activity, which is driving the modern world. Its impact on the development of societies is well recognized. Consequently, the societal changes drive the development of manufacturing systems.

After the decades of globalization, we are now facing new social challenges, such as ageing population in developed countries, unemployment and poverty in developing countries, flows of migrants, and even threats of disruptive societies and terrorism.

The Conference will address the traditional topics related to the design, modeling, simulation, planning, managing, control, operation, reconfiguration, adaptation, networking, and other relevant matters of manufacturing systems and their elements.

Besides, special attention will be put on the social dimensions in manufacturing systems and arising challenges. This will include, but will not be limited to, the role of humans in future cyber-physical systems, the potentials of social technologies, the possibilities of ‘crowd-based’ business models, the issues of openness and collaboration, and, last but not least, the questions of social sustainability of manufacturing systems for developing societies and for the ‘base of the pyramid’ communities.

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